June 22, 2017


The small choices YOU make everyday that have a BIG impact.

Where do you start when you feel so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start? Here! You can start here, and I’ll tell you why. I have felt just as overwhelmed as you, felt just as scared about the current state of the world as you and been just as angry as you. The difference is feeling angry and letting that turn into hate OR feeling angry and using it as fuel to make a difference and play your part in creating a safe, healthy, kind and united world.

I could write for hours about all the things that make me feel deep sadness, like the meat and dairy industry, or the things that make me feel unspeakable rage, like the USA leaving the Paris Agreement to save our planet, or the things that make me feel ashamed of humanity, like discrimination and hate in all it’s forms.

BUT I won’t.

Instead, I will share with you how you can make a global impact starting with the small choices you make everyday. And I promise you, it’s that simple.

A couple of months ago I attended an International Women’s Day event where I had the privilege of listening to Dr. Susan Carland speak about her time in Cambodia and the ethics of the clothing industry. Something she said stuck with me; she said “the most powerful thing in the world is the female dollar; that is what females choose to spend their money on, because what you buy has the capacity to support powerful change”.

I thought about all the things I spend money on; clothes, skin care products, household cleaning products, food and the list goes on. I thought that half the time no one really knows where these goods come from, who makes them, what they support, if they have been tested on animals or if they are fair-trade or not? In fact there are a million things we don’t know, but so blindly support every time we purchase.

Over the last couple of years I have tried my best to educate myself on what I buy, what it supports and the impact it has on our world. This is what I have come up with. Here are some tips on how you can positively impact your earth AND a very long list of goods that you can conscious-free spend your money on, knowing that they support:

1. Cruelty free – no animal testing of any kind
2. Vegan – no animal products, no violence, death or cruelty
3. Help our environment – good for the planet and good for you
4. Organic – no nasty chemicals etc
5. Fairtrade – it’s about stable prices, decent working conditions and the empowerment of farmers and workers around the world
6. Ethical and sustainable – it’s about the long run
7. Supports the community – support places and events that help those who can’t support themselves

*Please note, not all products/brands are all of these 7 things, however they tick 5 or more boxes.

• DON’T USE PLASTIC BAGS – bring your own bags! We produce so much waste and plastic takes overs 450 years to break down!!
• Invest your money in clean companies like Australian Ethical
• Buy products that have NOT BEEN TESTED ON ANIMALS – turn the product/good around and you will see a ‘no cruelty’ logo
• Buy chemical free cleaning products – think about all those harsh chemicals you clean with. Where do they go? Into our beautiful Oceans.
• Don’t buy bottled water, get yourself a great drinking bottle and take it everywhere (plastic is the devil) – if you must buy bottled water, buy THANK YOU.


Skin Care and Make-Up
• Go To Skin Care –

• Frank Body –

• Hourglass –

• Josie Maran –

• ELF – can buy this product from Kmart
• Marc Jacobs Beauty
• Charlotte Tilbury
• Anastatia Beverly Hills
• Kat Von D
• RMS Beauty
• Young Blood

Want more options?

Bath, Body and Baby
• Lush – it’s fairtrade, yay!
• Ecostore – beautiful, organic, chemical free products for your baby – can buy from Woolworths, Target, Priceline and online

• Nature’s Own – best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used and it costs under $5 from Coles –

Clothing & Accessories
• Un-real fur – can buy from The Iconic or direct from

• Stella McCarthy
• Matt and Nat (amazing non-leather hand bags, wallets, shoes, etc) – Can buy from ASOS or directly from

Places to EAT that support YOUR community
• Lentil As Anything – Abbotsford – a place like no other, communal, friendly, vegan, supports the local community
• Friends of the Earth – Collingwood
• Matcha Mylk Bar – St Kilda – AHHHmazing all plant based food
• Smith and Deli – Fitzroy – If you love your cheese and meat and not sure if you could go vegan, I dare you to eat 1 meal from this place and you will realise you aren’t missing out on anything.

Household Products
• Nature’s Organics (Aka) Earth Choice – you can find this in Coles, Woolworth, Aldi, even Target.

• Eco Store –

• Who Gives a Crap (Toilet paper with a good cause) –

Pets / Animals
• Adopt, don’t shop.
• The Lost Dogs Home –

• If you see an animal in pain, that may be mistreated or neglected you can make an anoynomus report via the RSPCA’s website –

Places to Shop
• Believe it or not you can buy products that do good at your everyday shops like Coles and Target. All you have to do is turn the product/good around and spend 30 seconds reading the info on the back.
• Otherwise the lovely internet has everything you could ever need:





What to look for: Cruelty-free or NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS (if it’s not on the product then you can safely assume an innocent animals has been abused for whatever it is you are considering buying; is it worth it?

What to avoid:  Leather (it’s an animals skin, yuk and cruel), SLS, Parabens, GSM, anything that is individually wrapped in plastic or paper (the waste we produce is slowly destroying the planet).

Want more info?
• Peta:
• Fair Trade Stores:



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