The Kindness Effect’s Team

Kate Rizzo
Founder & Workshop Facilitator
Kate has a passion for people, animals, our planet and a commitment to social justice. She holds degrees in Psychology and Social Work, and is currently working in a variety of roles from youth worker, to university teacher, to speaker and writer. Kate grew up with three younger sisters and a mother that taught her to forge her own path, wherever it may lead. Her journey has been one of constant change and a sense of being alone, which sparked the idea of The Kindness Effect. This, along with her time in South Africa and her life experiences have led her to believe that we all have a part to play in creating a better world. Kate describes herself as a dreamer, but of late has discovered that we must take action if we want to create change in our lives and the world around us.- If it was socially acceptable she would never wear shoes
– She grew up living across from the ocean
– She is currently studying Buddhism and Meditation

Kahani Motiani B&W PhotoKahani Motion 
Workshop Facilitator
Kahani has bounced ever-avidly between filmmaking pursuits, solo backpacking, and studies in creative writing before finding herself nearing completion of a Social Science (Psychology) degree. In recent years, all things ‘self- development’ has become her burgeoning passion, jumping on board many an event in this realm, alongside delivering seminars herself related to motivation and study skills in secondary schools as her part-time work. Kahani has a penchant for spontaneity and a thirst for new experiences both in work and in play.- In high school, her nickname was Kahanye West
– Green tea meets peanut butter is the top flavour combination she has experimented with to date
– She’s half Indian, a quarter Russian, a quarter English, but as ocker as they come

Antonea Gilopidis
Original General Manager

Ryal Sormaz
Original Facilitator

Catherine Brown
Original Facilitator

Rachel Furolo
Original Blog Contributor

Gabriela Brand
Current Blog Contributor

Charlie Flynn
Original Facilitator

Kody Deretic
Original Gangsta (designer)

James McGuffie
Original Creative
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